12 Solutions To Lower Premiums For Hardworking Americans Who Buy Their Own Coverage

posted by AHIP

on November 14, 2018


In “12 Solutions to Lower Premiums for Hardworking Americans Who Buy Their Own Coverage” we propose solutions to help families with an income that is more than 400 percent of the federal poverty (FPL) level afford comprehensive coverage that covers their pre-existing conditions. (For 2018, 400% FPL is $47,520 for an individual or $97,200 for a family of four).

State and federal policy makers can take action now on the 12 solutions in the paper to reduce premiums for hard-working Americans by implementing these policies.

Three Levers to Lower Premiums

There are three tested and proven methods for driving down the costs of premiums for consumers:

Reduce the cost of health care


Offer premium savings to consumers through tax breaks, savings vehicles, and financial support


Increase participation to balance risk


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